Welcome to LA Design & Dev! ☀️🌴

Organized by Frank Bach, we’re a 3,000+ member Slack team of designers, engineers, and product people who meet up quarterly around LA.

Make yourself at home, stay a while.

Photo by Jo Ash Sakula

New to LA? Home to sunny blue skies, luscious palm trees and all-around great weather. Yeah, we love it too. We believe that with its diverse economy and incredible talent, Los Angeles is set to be the next great tech center of the world. #LongLA some might say.

You might be wondering where the designers, engineers and product folks hang out? If there’s an online community where you can start to network, get the lay of the land, and maybe even start your job hunt?

Well, you’ve found the spot.

LA Design & Dev is a Slack community of over 3,000+ people offering networking, job postings and topical discussion. During non-COVID times, we host quarterly meet-ups around the city.

Sound like fun? Well, head on over! But don’t forget to read our Code of Conduct first.

  • You must live in Los Angeles County
  • Don’t spam or promote your project/product
  • Communities are like gardens. You get what you put into them.

After payment, your invite link will be emailed to you.

If $5 is too much, we also offer a free option.

What does $5 get you?

  • Access to a Slack community of 3,000+
  • Job postings almost every day
  • Chat with people from top LA companies
  • Invites to our quarterly meet-ups
  • And more

Why a donation?
Communities take time to build. There are also server costs, domain registration, organizational costs, moderation time, etc. We want to maintain a community with good conversation for people who want to be here.

☕️ Consider it a cup of coffee in exchange for access to a community.